Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the past month I’ve been reminded of why fall is my favourite season.  I do get the fall-and-winter-rainy-days-blues, but this fall has been so beautiful it’s impossible not to enjoy it.  The weather has been sunny almost every day, and even up to 18 degrees!  Trees are turning and it’s officially time for my obsession with squashes to be announced to the world.  Pumpkin recipes abound!

Last night was my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, and it was delicious.  I’ll be posting some of the recipes we made for our meal and how we kept gluten and sugar free this Thanksgiving.  I also tried something a little different for the traditional pumpkin pie dessert.

For now, some things I’m thankful for…

Sunshine and warm fall days
Spending the weekend with my family
Being able to go to school and pursue something I love
Working at a job that I actually enjoy going to on the weekends
Being surrounded by so many friends and good people
Living in a beautiful city

Life is good!


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