Roasted Garlic and Kale Hummus

I have been eating a lot of chickpeas lately.  The 4 cans of chickpeas in two weeks kind of a lot.  Before you think I’ve gone off my rocker, hear me out.  Chickpeas are so good for you!

– High in digestion-aiding fibre
– Low glycemic index
– High in protein
– Help regulate blood sugar

That’s pretty much everything I’m looking for in the food I’m eating.  Also, I decided this week to try using kale, because I’ve been hearing about how healthy it is.

– High in vitamin K – good for bone health and arteries
– Lowers cholesterol
– High in antioxidants

So, imagine these two food blended into a delicious, creamy dip that you can pair with some tasty crackers and eat to your heart’s content.

This recipe is from Beth at Tasty Yummies, whose blog I just discovered a while ago.  I’m definitely going to be trying out some more of her recipes in the future!

The only thing I changed in the recipe was not using the whole garlic clove -just a personal preference.

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