Gluten-free Lifestyle 101

Starting a gluten-free lifestyle? First of all, don’t panic.  I’m not going to lie, you are in for an adventure.  Sometimes, you will want to give up, go to the nearest Italian restaurant and eat all the bread and pasta in sight.  Most of the time, you’ll feel like a superhero because you just cooked another one of your favourite meals completely free of gluten.

Here are 5 honest pieces of advice on going gluten free:

1.  Follow the recipe at first.  Cooking gluten-free is touchy, baking gluten-free is all about experimentation.  At first it may seem impossible, but the day when an experiment succeeds?  Priceless.

2. Some gluten free food is really, really weird tasting. Mostly, thought, the taster is just different and takes some getting used to.

3.  Most meals you love are probably gluten-free already and may just require different food brands, if any adaptations at all.

4. Eating gluten-free is going to be more expensive, but doesn’t have to empty your wallet.

5. Your awareness of food is about to go up 150% and there’s a good chance you may start eating healthier, feeling better and loving cooking and food more than you thought was possible.

Check out my post What the Gluten to see what foods to watch out for when avoiding gluten.  It might seem really overwhelming at first, but fear not!  There are more foods you can eat than foods you can’t, and pretty soon you’ll hardly know what to tell people when they ask you what you can’t eat.

The best thing I realized as I was starting to eat gluten free were the gluten-free sections at grocery stores.  Most stores either have a section designated, or will label certain products throughout the stores.  I make a beeline to those sections every time I grocery shop, just to scope out any new foods that are available.

So, as you begin your gluten-free lifestyle, these are some of my best gluten-free friends at the grocery store:

There’s a good start, and not a deprived stomach in sight!

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