The Lean, Green, Protein Smoothie

IMG_4989If I had to count, I’d say smoothies probably make up about 60% of my breakfasts.  There are so many fun things you can add to them, like peanut butter, for example, which I never say no to.  Also, I’ve been experimenting with adding some more greens to my smoothies -to change things up again and make them even healthier.  So far my favourite thing to add has been frozen spinach cubes, because they keep the smoothie cold, and blend really easily.  Plus, there’s less washing to do than with fresh spinach, and for those of you like me, a little time saved in the morning is always a good thing!


This smoothie has some matcha powder added to it to give it some extra green power!  Matcha is so, so good for you.  It’s made from ground gyokuro tea leaves, and has so many antioxidants, vitamin C and chlorophyll.  What is chlorophyll good for, you ask?  The answer: just about everything.  From being detoxifying,anti-inflammatory, and intestine-friendly to being good for circulation and fighting cancer, it’s a serious power food.  Made as a cup of tea, matcha has a very earthy taste, which is sometimes not to everyone’s tastes.  So, adding it to a smoothie is another way to get all those health-boosting qualities, too!

IMG_4982 IMG_4984IMG_4986







1 medium banana
3 cubes frozen spinach
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1-2 tsp matcha powder
2 tbsp peanut butter


Blend all the ingredients a high-speed blender or food processor until well mixed and creamy!


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