Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Fudge Icing

IMG_5114Chocolate and peanut butter.  What a wonderful combination.  Peanut butter and anything, really, but chocolate can’t be beat.  I found this recipe over at Simply Living Healthy, and decided to follow it directly.  With the help of a friend we also figured out that my dark chocolate truffle recipe can be use pre-freezing as a fudgy icing.IMG_5112

Commence chocolate coma.  These cupcakes are so moist, dense and delicious that you can really get away with just eating one (and that’s saying something -I can rarely stop at one when I’m eating something chocolaty)





1. Follow the recipe at Simply Living Healthy!  I didn’t change a thing, which is very unusual!

2.  Make the icing using the truffle recipe, up until step 4 where it says to freeze.  Instead, put in the fridge if it’s still quite liquidy until it solidifies a bit.


3.  Spread icing on the cupcakes.

Eat while the cupcake is still a little warm and the peanut butter is soft!


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