Bikes and Baking

I made a big mess in the kitchen today.  At one point I think about 90% of the counters and the floor were covered in tapioca starch, there were two piles of dishes in the sink, and I was on my third episode of the Cosby Show.  It was a busy night cooking and baking, but I now have at least 3 meals for the week, plus a yummy dessert.

It was my reward for falling off my bike on my way to the grocery store today.  This is the second time I’ve nearly crashed while biking home.  The first time I managed to avoid a lamp post and a little, muddy creek.  This time, I hit a patch of mud and bailed.  Right off the sidewalk and onto the road.  Mud all the way down my jeans and  poorly covered up embarrassment.  It’s kind of like that moment you trip while you trip on some invisible thing in your way, and the person who sees you isn’t sure exactly how to react.  I made it out mostly unscathed, although my knees have some pretty awesome bruises.

Originally I had just planned to make wraps for a bean concoction I made over the weekend.  Then I found this recipe for gingerbread, and, well, I couldn’t resist.


Kale and Bean Wraps


Grain-free Gingerbread from Life As a Plate!


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