Beginning 2014

IMG_2502The beginning of another new year.  Rather than make resolutions, I usually take some time at the beginning of each month to remind myself of what I want to be focusing my life on.  So, instead of making a list of new years resolutions, I’m making a list of things to look forward to this year.  There are a few things in particular that I’m really excited about!

1.  Running more.  Waking up, putting on my running shoes and my new (warm and water-resistant!) running jacket, and heading out the door for at least 20 minutes.  As the weather got chillier this term I stopped wanting to go outside for any reason other than having to get on my bike to go to school.  Cold here, however, is nothing compared to many other places in the world, so I really have no excuse.

2.  Eating healthier.  I’m always looking for new types of food to try, recipes to create and test out, and learning more about the health impacts of the food I cook with.  One thing in particular I’m looking forward to exploring more is coconut oil.  There are more and more articles coming out with the benefits of coconut oil: helps digestion, boost metabolism, a source of healthy fats…the lists go on and on.  My other major eating change for the year?  Saying goodbye to dairy.  Cheese and I have been on the outs for a while, and after spending most of December not eating cheese, I have been feeling so much better!  Happy stomach, happier skin, happier me.  If anyone has an idea of how to rhyme dairy with “wheat” and “sweet”, I’d be happy to hear it.

3.  Sleeping earlier.  I’ve always been a night owl, and can easily stay up past midnight without feeling tired in the least; however, getting to sleep earlier usually means I feel more rested and can wake up earlier in the morning. Can I get into a habit of being asleep before 11 o’clock?  We’ll see, I’m no miracle worker.

4.  Blogging more.  There is an amazing community online of holistic chefs and people choosing to live on whole food and balanced lifestyles.  I’m only just making my way into this community, but in 2014 I hope to do even more!  I’m making a start with this blog post, because I rarely spend an entire post talking about anything other than the food I’m cooking.  As I begin to do more research into holistic living practices, I hope to be able to share these findings with you!  Ultimately, this is what I’d like to do with my life, so what better time to start learning from all of the knowledgeable foodies out there.  Also, did you know I’ve joined Twitter?  You can follow me at @lesssweetwheat; I have 12 very wonderful followers so far, and only 1 is a random cleaning company!

5.  Practicing yoga regularly.  Going to yoga class is probably my favourite hour of any given day or week.  The moment I step into the studio I automatically feel more relaxed, balanced, motivated, and calm.  It’s my happy place in the midst of what can be a very hectic life and school schedule.  So, I bought myself 15 classes and plan on going to at least one class a week.  Outside of the weekly classes, I hope to do yoga at least 4 times a week on my own -even if it’s just a simple sun salutation in the morning.

6.  Graduation.  Four years of university is coming to a close, and I will be graduating in the spring!  It’s hard to believe that my bachelor’s degree is almost over, but I’m very much looking forward to that last day.

7.  Making a solo trip across my beautiful country!  I have decided to take a train trip to the maritimes during the summer.  I started planning a week ago and can hardly wait another 6 months to start my first real travel experience.

2014 is shaping up to be a very good year.  Happy New Years!


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