The Secret to a Great Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Ever since I started baking gluten-free and sugar-free, I’ve tried to find/change/create a chocolate chip cookie.  For some reason, gluten and sugar-free cookies seem to be one of the hardest things to make successfully.  For me, a chocolate chip cookie has to be quite thick, very dense and chewy.  Sugar-free cookies always seem to end up much fluffier than I hope, perhaps because I try to do too many substitutions.  Still, I’m on the look out!

About a month ago, I made the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made.  I then proceeded to lose the recipe.  Needless to say, it was devastating.

So, I’m now on a cookie quest.  While doing some research, I came across this article on the Secrets to the Perfect Chocolate Chip cookies.  

So, from many, many trials, I think I have discovered the secret to those unattainable chocolate chip cookies.


I have a tendency to try to “healthify” things, so I’m always trying to find a “lower fat” version of cookies, or make them healthier in some way.  I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that some things are better left alone.  So, as I’m already ditching the wheat, and the processed sugar, I decided that butter is a necessary ingredient in cookies.  For now, at least…

Here’s a recipe I tried this week that turned out really well.  It uses dates as a sweetener, which gives it that caramel flavour similar to brown sugar.  You can find the whole recipe here.

I know butter is perhaps not the healthiest ingredient we want to be using a lot, but it adds so much flavour to food.  Also, compared to some of the over-processed oils out there, it’s becoming one of the healthier fats.  Coconut oil, of course, is great, too, but is sometimes too light for baking.

The way I see it, if you’re going to make cookies, they might as well be amazing.  That way, you can eat one and feel satisfied, instead of eating 4 and still feeling like you ate a healthy biscuit.  Just my thought!


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