Why We Need To Start Accepting Gluten Sensitivity

IMG_0237By now, the word “gluten” probably takes your mind to a hundred different places. Maybe you think of having to plan another meal around your gluten-free guest, or of the newly labeled “gluten-free” everything in the grocery store . Or, maybe it reminds you of that article you read that claimed gluten intolerance isn’t backed by any scientific proof so therefore can’t be a legitimate dietary choice.

Inevitably, these articles contain phrases claiming gluten sensitivity can’t be tested and is all part of some elaborate fad scheme. Admittedly, it’s probably the fullest band wagon in North America right now. People are jumping on the gluten-free ship left, right, and center. You probably know at least one person who doesn’t eat gluten, or maybe someone who has been diagnosed with celiac disease and has to be careful with everything they eat. What does this mean for people who stop eating gluten and feel amazing? There are so many factors that could come into play here, but in my opinion there’s only one we can be concerned with: the only person who can truly decide what works for their body is that person.  We need to support each other in making intuitive, healthy choices for our bodies.

If eating gluten-free helps someone have more energy when they wake up in the morning, or gets rid of the brain fog that keeps them from being productive at work, helps ease their depression or emotional issues that keep them from being balanced and happy, that’s great! If eating gluten-free means someone is making a positive change and dedication to eating healthier, that’s great, too! Whatever the reason, diet choices are personal choices, and as a culture, we need more acceptance and encouragement rather than laughing it off as a fad.

So why is gluten intolerance and sensitivity a real thing? Because people say it’s a real thing, because they feel better from making these lifestyle choices, and because we need to recognize each person’s capability to make the right choice for their body.

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