About Allannah

I am on a mission to make food that is nutritious, delicious, and free of gluten, sugar, and dairy.

My journey on the path of holistic health began in 2011, and over the past few years my eyes have been opened to a new world of eating, living, and self-care. When I first began eating gluten-free I had no idea how much it would evolve and change my whole life! While I have not been officially tested for celiac disease, I truly believe that every person requires different nutrients and foods to feel at their best. For me, cutting gluten out of my diet has changed my life and my body for the better, and the addition of limiting dairy and sugar has done the same. I don’t view my dietary choices as restrictions, as they have led me to more fully enjoy a wider range of food. My kitchen is my happy place, and though it took me many years to discover this passion, I’m excited to see where it leads me!

The majority of my life has been dedicated to music. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Music Education in 2014, but felt compelled to follow a different career direction for my life. I am currently studying to become a holistic nutritionist, and would also like to pursue studies in Chinese medicine and traditional, holistic healing methods.

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